The city of Alba

The Italian white truffle of Piedmont has always been considered the most prized, but it was only in the 20th century that the Alba White Truffle gained worldwide fame, thanks to the ingenious promotional work carried out by Giacomo Morra, a hotelier and restaurateur from Alba, who was rightly ‘crowned’ King of Truffles as early as 1933 by the Times of London.

And it is precisely thanks to truffles and great wines that today the city of Alba has become a Wine&Food capital, like the entire surrounding Langhe area, which can count on important international tourist flows.

Visitors come here from all over the world, especially in the autumn and spring months, when the International Fair of the Alba White Truffle is held, and the National Vinum Fair, a showcase and tasting counter for the great wines of the area and its famous gastronomy.

Among the places not to be missed for a visit and a tasting in the many hospitable cellars is Barolo, the small commune where Barolo doc, one of the best wines in Italy and the world, is produced.