Foodies’ culinary passion can be surely excited by the strong aroma of truffles…
From a botanic viewpoint, differences between white and black truffles are negligible, but talking about cuisine……the distinction between them is clear and is based on a fundamental principle : the black truffle must be eaten in quantity while the white truffle with its persistent aroma must be enjoyed in small doses. The latter is delicately and thinly sliced over ready-to-eat food using a dedicated truffle slicer. It is perfectly paired with meat dishes, vegetables, cheese, pasta , rice and scrambled eggs. Black truffle is very good with omelettes, filled pasta and soups.

Once we bought Truffles, there is the problem of their storage. Someone wants to say that the best place to store them is in the stomach ... but it often happens that the purchase is made in anticipation of a special dinner, with friends or family, and there passes few days from the purchase moment to that of their consumption.
Truffles should be stored in the refrigerator without being cleaned, it should not be absolutely removed the ground's pellicle which generally covers them: it defends and protects them from a rapid deterioration. They must be individually wrapped in a blotting paper (the rolled one used in the kitchen) in a glass jar by changing the paper daily, as soon as the retained moisture reveals excessive and stored in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator; only in this way you can keep its aromatic virtues even for several days depending on the type of the truffle. They should be cleaned only at the time of consumption; cleaning must be done under cold water using a toothbrush in order to clean even the most difficult parts, afterwards they should be dried enough at environmental temperatures before being sliced.