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“Pregiato” Fresh Black Truffle

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Origin: Italy 🇮🇹

Condition: Fresh

Recommended quantity: 12/15 gr for person

Serving size: from 15 gr upwards

Shipping: 24/48 hours

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The “Pregiato” Black Truffle, scientific name TUBER MELANOSPORUM VITT is also known as the Norcia Truffle, Spoleto Truffle or Truffe du Périgord for the French.

In the black truffle family, it is the most prized; with its intense, aromatic and strong but balanced flavour, it is also called sweet black.
The outer part (the peridium) has pyramidal warts, the inner part (the gleba) is black-brown with thick, thin whitish veins and well-defined contours.

Caution: Product subject to weight loss.

Cleaning and storage

Once we have purchased truffles, the question arises as to their storage. Some would argue that the best place to store them is in the stomach….but it often happens that the purchase is made in anticipation of a special dinner, with friends or family, and that a few days must elapse from the moment of purchase to the moment of consumption.

The Truffle is an underground mushroom (it is born and lives underground) and is easily perishable. The Black Truffle is less delicate than the White Truffle but has a short shelf life of about 5 to 7 days.  In order to better enjoy its aroma, the truffle should be eaten as soon as possible; when the truffle starts to become rubbery to the touch, it must be eaten immediately as it has reached its maximum degree of ripeness.

The black truffle remaining in the unopened package sometimes gives off mould that manifests itself with a white veil on the peridium (outer part) but it is a natural process so it does not mean that the truffle has deteriorated but it will be sufficient to brush it or wash it again to consume it.

There are some tricks that allow you to maintain the consistency and aroma of the truffle even after a few days: when you receive the parcel, it is advisable to remove the truffles from their box, which we have previously wrapped (as the paper will have become damp) and rewrap them one by one in a new blotting paper (the kind used in kitchen rolls), close them in a glass jar or plastic container, change the paper again as soon as the moisture retained proves excessive and store them in the refrigerator (at around 2° to 4°)

The Black Truffle is delivered to us after being ‘roughly’ washed as its rind retains a lot of earth; it will still need to be re-washed but only at the time of consumption under cold running water using a brush so as to clean even the most difficult parts. After washing, dry the truffles well one by one with kitchen paper towels and leave them to rest for at least half an hour before slicing so that they can regain their full aroma.

Recommendations for use

It can be sliced on any meat dish such as a carpaccio, a fillet, on a pizza to make it special, on a simple, traditional egg.

The Black Truffle, unlike the White Truffle which is sliced on the finished dish, needs to be warmed in order to best release its aroma.

To bring out its flavour, it is recommended to slice it, heat it for a few minutes in previously melted butter (or oil) and use this sauce to dress a dish of egg pasta such as the classic ‘Tajarin’ of the Langhe, on a tasty fillet of meat, or slice it and add it to butter when creaming a risotto.

It can be used as a pasta filling, or sliced in the preparation of an omelette.


The Fresh Truffle is shipped with an ‘express‘ service in suitable polystyrene containers and with the addition of synthetic ice. In this way, the truffle will arrive comfortably at your home without deteriorating and without losing its properties and aroma that make it unique and unmistakable.
Shipments are made on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Orders received after 2 p.m. on Wednesday will be shipped within the following week depending on availability. The Fresh Truffle is very delicate and perishable so we want to guarantee and preserve the quality of the product by purchasing daily from our ”trifulau” and shipping according to the availability of our harvest. In the event that there is no availability on the day the order is received, it will be placed as a priority on the following days.
Transit times are always estimated and never guaranteed. They vary from 24/48 hours, depending on how the destination location is served, except for possible delays by couriers, for which we cannot take responsibility.
Couriers do not advise of the passage despite the telephone number being given by us; therefore, the destination address must be attended to during the scheduled delivery day.


  • SIZE: above 15 g: refers to a size of 15 g and above.

TRUFFLE is a seasonal product whose trend is determined by environmental and weather conditions; these factors can cause price variations.


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