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Size: 0,75l

Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo

Alcohol content: 14 % vol.

Serving temperature: 18/20°

Allergens: Sulphites


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NEBBIOLO is a black berry vine from Piedmont, valuable and suitable for ageing due to the completeness of all its characteristics.

The origin of the name seems to derive from ‘nebbia’ (fog), but it is not clear whether this is to define the appearance of the berry, which is dark and ‘foggy’, or whether it is due to the very late ripening of the grapes, which often leads to harvesting in the autumn fog period.

NEBBIOLO It has a more or less deep ruby red colour with garnet reflections for the aged wine.

The bouquet is soft and delicate, reminiscent of raspberries and violets. It is full-bodied, rightly tannic when young, velvety and harmonious, with a dry flavour.

It goes well with beef, chicken and pork. It also goes well with cured meats and medium-aged cheeses, but also with delicate first courses such as risottos or rich ones such as lasagne. It particularly enhances typical dishes from its own territory such as, for example, Piedmontese fritto misto, chicken alla Marengo, fried semolina, fondue and risotto with truffles.


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