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The prized white truffle, scientific name TUBER MAGNATUM PICO, is considered the truffle par excellence because it is of considerable commercial importance. The Alba white truffle is a variety of white truffle, typical of Piedmont. The best quality is harvested in the autumn period in the woods of the Langhe. The best ripening period is October, but expert hunters collect this precious product up to December.
The search is carried out with the help of trained dogs, especially at night because their sense of smell is more sensitive and the risk of being observed by unauthorised truffle hunters is avoided. The truffle must be picked carefully and with a tool similar to a small hoe.
Compared to the black truffle, it differs not only in colour, but also in its delicious taste and more intense smell. It is also rarer and therefore commands a higher price. Its taste is very pleasant, distinctive and intense, the aroma it releases when it reaches maturity is strong, pregnant, satisfying and exciting to the nostrils of those who inhale it with intensity, unique! Its distinctive flavour and aroma have led it to be the real ‘diamond’ of the kitchen and to be appreciated by chefs all over the world. It is strictly eaten raw. The outer surface in direct contact with the ground undergoes changes as various parameters vary, such as the plant near which it is born, the harvest period, the degree of ripeness, the composition of the soil and seasonal climatic trends.  Its ‘gleba’, which represents the inner part, is unmistakable and is white and greyish yellow with thin white veins and varies in symbiosis with the plants under which it is born such as oaks, lindens, poplars and willows.

It can be appreciated at truffle festivals, truffle events and top restaurants. Starred chefs have created numerous recipes with the Alba white truffle, in particular for its ability to enhance the flavours of meats and cheeses. It can be recognised by its smooth, light-coloured white skin, contrasting with a yellowish flesh and veins of different colours, which change according to territories, proximity to certain plants and state of maturation.

In order to grow and develop, the white truffle needs special soils with equally special climatic conditions: the soil must be soft and moist for most of the year, it must be rich in calcium and with good air circulation. It is therefore understandable that not all soils have these characteristics and it is precisely these environmental factors, present in the Langhe Monferrato Roero area of Piedmont, that make the Alba white truffle a rare and coveted fruit.

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