Our company

In 2005, Tartufi al Massimo was born, after an experience of over twenty years in close contact with the local truffle hunters, the famous "Trifulau"; a company located in the heart of the Langhe, which remains a clear family imprint, where experience coexists with high professionalism and above all with a very careful attention to customers, which include high quality restaurants and prestigious specialty shops gastronomic products that reflect Made in Italy.

Tartufi al Massimo buys truffles daily from the best harvesting areas, selects them in order to guarantee authenticity and freshness, delivering them directly to your home, to give you moments of pure pleasure.


Passion, dedication and experience have allowed the creation of a line of truffle products that takes advantage of a careful examination of what already exists on the market and, last but not least, of the new taste trends of an increasingly demanding clientele.

Truffle oil, truffle sauces, carpaccio, creams, pastes and so on are produced with excellent craftsmanship that allows you to appreciate the essence of this icon of taste, an object of emotion and intensity, in every month of the year. enjoyment for the gourmet.

We offer the possibility of choosing our individual products, purchasing ready-made gift packages directly or customizing them according to your needs.

Our land

The Langhe is an area of ​​lower Piedmont, located between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, made up of an extensive hilly system, which starts from the areas with altitudes generally lower than 600 m in which wines and truffles reign supreme. To reach areas with altitudes up to 896 m, where the woods and the cultivation of the prized hazelnut variety "Tonda Gentile Trilobata delle Langhe" dominate.

Tartufi al Massimo offers real virtual journeys thanks to these places which offer such a vast gastronomic richness, as to bring to mind stories, curiosities, anecdotes and legends of an ancient, increasingly current tradition of the " People of Langa " in a land now declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site .


Massimo Cillario , the owner, was born in Dogliani, homeland of his majesty, the Truffle . In Dogliani, Massimo lives with his family, working in the hub of the world truffle market, namely Alba and the Langhe , a physical place where all the products of Piedmontese gastronomic excellence find their rightful prominence. This has allowed us to differentiate the local product from that of other territories and to focus exclusively on the undisputed quality and freshness of the native product .