Egg with Fresh Black Summer Truffle

To be proposed as an alternative second course, even a simple egg can become an important dish if you embellish it with a valuable ingredient



- 1 whole egg

- butter / oil to taste

- Salt and Pepper To Taste

- Black Summer Truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) gr. 15


- Heat the oil in a non-stick pan, or melt the butter, to grease the pan

- Break the eggs gently in the pan, or if you prefer in a separate bowl, so that the yolk remains intact

- Cook for about 4/5 minutes, until the egg white is completely set and is no longer slimy and translucent, but do not insist too much with cooking, as the yolk must remain soft inside

- Add salt and/or pepper to taste

- In the last minute of cooking, add the sliced ​​Black Summer Truffle directly onto the egg so that the heat releases its aroma at its best