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Fresh White Truffle

Fresh White Truffle

Tuber Magnatum Pico


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Origin: Italy

Condition: Fresh

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Scientific name: TUBER MAGNATUM PICO

The White Truffle , scientific name TUBER MAGNATUM PICO is considered the truffle par excellence, it is the most precious both from a gastronomic and economic point of view. Its unmistakable flavor and aroma, satisfying and exciting for the nostrils of those who inhale it with intensity, unique in its kind, has led it to be the true "diamond" of the kitchen and to be appreciated all over the world.

The external surface (peridium) is smooth ocher yellow, the internal surface (glebe) is unmistakable, it is greyish yellow with very small veins and varies in symbiosis with the plants under which it is born such as oaks, lindens, poplars and willows.

To be born and develop, the White Truffle needs particular soils with equally particular climatic conditions: the soil must be soft and humid for most of the year, it must be rich in calcium and with good air circulation. It is therefore understandable that not all soils have these characteristics and it is precisely these environmental factors, present in the Langhe area, that make the Alba White Truffle become such a coveted mushroom.

It is an absolutely spontaneous mushroom: to date there are no cultivation techniques, therefore availability could be limited.

Warning: Product subject to weight loss.

Cleaning and Conservation

Once we have purchased the truffles, the problem of their conservation arises. Some people want to say that the best place to store them is the belly ... but it often happens that the purchase is made in anticipation of a particular dinner, with friends or family, and that a few days must pass between the moment of purchase and that of consumption.

When the truffle starts to become "rubbery" to the touch it must be consumed immediately as it means that it has reached its maximum ripeness.

We recommend consumption within a few days, a maximum of 3 or 4 from the moment you receive the truffles.

Truffles must be placed in the refrigerator without being cleaned , the film of soil that generally covers them must absolutely not be removed: it defends them and preserves them from rapid deterioration.

After having wrapped them individually in absorbent paper (the one used in rolls in the kitchen) , close them in a glass jar or a plastic container, change the paper daily or as soon as the retained humidity proves excessive and store them in the refrigerator; only in this way is it possible to maintain their aromatic virtues even for several days depending on the type of truffle purchased.

It is recommended to clean them only a few hours before consumption; cleaning must take place under cold running water using a toothbrush in order to clean even the most difficult parts.

It is also important after washing to dry the truffles well one by one with kitchen paper, close them again in a container and let them rest for at least half an hour before slicing them so that they can regain their full aroma.

Recommendations for use

The White Truffle must strictly be consumed raw , therefore sliced ​​on the finished dish with the appropriate truffle slicer.

The classic dishes of the Langhe cuisine which are combined with the Alba White Truffle are "Tajarin" (tagliatelle mixed with lots of eggs and cut very thin, click here to purchase ) and agnolotti al plin. It is advisable to season them and sauté them in a pan simply with good butter (or oil) to make the flavor and aroma of the king of the table, the truffle, prevail, which must be sliced ​​raw on the finished dish. It also goes very well with a nice risotto. You can also enjoy it on the "Fassona" meat mixture (a very high-quality Piedmontese breed of beef), the egg in cocotte or in the pan.


The Fresh Truffle is shipped with an "express" service in suitable polystyrene containers and with the addition of synthetic ice; in this way the truffle will arrive comfortably at your home without having deteriorated and without losing its properties and scent that make it unique and unmistakable.

Shipments are made on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Orders received after 2pm on Wednesday will be shipped within the following week based on availability. Fresh Truffles are very delicate and perishable therefore we want to guarantee and preserve the quality of the product by purchasing daily from our "Trifulau" and shipping based on the availability of our harvest. In the event that there is no availability on the day the order is received, it will be placed as a priority in the following days.

Transit times are always estimated and never guaranteed . They vary from 24h/48h working , based on how the destination location is served, except for any delays by the couriers, for which we cannot take responsibility.

The couriers do not notify the passage even though the telephone number is indicated by us; therefore the destination address must be manned during the scheduled delivery day.

Sizes and Prices

The price refers to the truffle shown in the photo.

TRUFFLE is a seasonal product whose development is determined by environmental and atmospheric conditions; these factors may cause the price to undergo variations.