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Alba White Truffle

It is considered the truffle for
antonomasia, the true " diamond " of the kitchen, the most precious from a gastronomic point of view. Both the flavor and the aroma are unmistakable, intense and particular. The aroma that it releases when it reaches maturity is strong and makes it unique in its kind, to be appreciated all over the world.

  • Alba, land of the truffle

    The White Truffle of Piedmont has always been considered the most valuable, but it was only in the 1900s that the White Truffle of Alba acquired worldwide fame, thanks to the ingenious promotion work carried out by Giacomo Morra , hotelier and restaurateur of Alba , rightly "crowned ” King of Truffles as early as 1933 by the Times of London.

  • Alba and the Langhe

    It is thanks to the White Truffle and the great wines that today the city of Alba has become the capital of Wine & Food, like the whole surrounding area of ​​the Langhe, which can count on an important international tourist flow.

What is Truffle?

It is the common name given to the fruit-bearing covers ( sporocarps ) mushrooms that complete their entire life cycle underground ( hypogea ) belonging to the genus Tuber. They are formed by an outer wall called the peridot . The internal mass is called gleba . It is crossed by more or less large and branched veins which delimit the alveoli in which large cells ( asci ) containing spores are immersed .

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